Shitty tax bill…… and a rap song

Universities have endowments. Past graduates, alumni if you will, give monies to their alma mater because they either want their offspring to have a shot at the same education they had, or they are grateful for the opportunities provided by said education.
Some doors were opened by “X” university, and to keep these doors open for others, money is donated.
It makes perfect sense. The basic idea being that it is for the betterment of future generations.
So, why is this same mentality not taken when speaking about taxes?
No one, and I do mean zero people, not one, that has been successful in this country has done so without some benefit from either the basic infrastructure, security, education….essentially, an element, or multiple elements, provided by tax dollars.
As our current changes dictate we are going to allow these financially successful people to pay even less into the system that allowed them this success.
We are going to give tax breaks on private jets? To golf club owners? Drop corporate tax rates by almost half?
Taxes are upsetting to pay, but they are a necessity for a stable and successful society. Yes, of course there is waste in our government and we could do a whole lot more with a whole lot less, but that has nothing to do with our new disaster of a tax bill.
The people that should be watering the roots of the system allowing them to grow these businesses get to sit back and watch everyone with half full watering cans do it.
It is estimated that these tax breaks for the rich will leave a 1 trillion dollar deficit in the budget over the next ten years. This was known prior to the vote, which passed with 51 “yay” votes from our republicans in the senate. 51 out of 52.
What exactly does that deficit mean? We have no direct answer because that would require foresight from our government, but funding will be lost. Funding for future generations, yes, but also funding for current programs a lot of people rely on. Medicare, medicaid, social security, military benefits…hundreds of programs that are already thin are going to become thinner or non existent.
It is fucking insane. It’s the rich running our country instead of our elected officials representing us. It’s as corrupt and idiotic as a bill could possibly be.
So, here is a rap song about it.
I don’t rap.
I am not good at Garage Band.
It’s cathartic for me to get this shit out of my system.
Expect the worst.
It was meant to be humorous.
Enough disclaimers……