Our president elect is a piece of shit

I’m sorry, is this title not clear? Let me rephrase, Donald Trump is a huge pile of shit.
This is not meant to be inflammatory, and it really shouldn’t be. This is not news. It is not an opinion, it is fact. Regardless of race, gender, sex, shoe size, or any other factor or viewpoint you may have, there is no defense for Trump as a human. He has been terrible his entire life. He was despicable when he was a Democrat, awful when he was (and is, kind of) a Republican. He is not a nice guy. Period.
We have elected a horrible person as president. There have certainly been flawed presidents in the past, but none so open and unabashedly transparent about their awful.
Now we are supposed to give him a chance. We are supposed to put our faith into someone who has, his entire life, made every decision based on “How will this benefit me?” without care or concern for any other being. Propping himself up by putting other people down. We are supposed to believe that NOW he cares about the American people.
Huge surprise, Trump doesn’t care about America. Trump cares about Trump.
He is a rich spoiled child that has never faced any repercussions, never been told he is wrong, and always had his way.
Now Trump is going to have his way with America. Grabbing it by, I guess, like Alabama….I think that is approximately where the pussy would be on America (I am speaking simply at a physical level, I don’t think Alabama is full of pussies). He is backing away from campaign promises and looking out for ol’ number 1. Doing what Donald does best. And yes, we are only 3 weeks in.
He is making Washington even dirtier with his first round of joke appointees, asking favors from foreign leaders on personal business endeavors, and his fragile ego can’t handle even the slightest criticism as he lashes out on completely arbitrary things.
These are serious problems. If I were a Trump supporter that voted for him despite his racist/sexist/asshole rhetoric with the hopes that he would create positive change in Washington, I would be jumping ship at this point.
But, spoiler, I was not a Trump supporter, ever. I didn’t even like him in Home Alone 2. I jumped ship with hate. Unfortunately, for a lot of people hate resonated, because it came with a partner in crime. It’s not just hate, there’s blame. There is a tangible specific for what is going wrong in your life. Let’s not try and fix the problem itself, lets not work out a compromise, or think creatively. Let’s lay blame on someone else and fuck them up. Muslims, Mexicans, Immigrants, Obama…….it’s not you, it’s them.
It’s the simplest of solutions, so easy to get caught up in, but it’s a fallacy. We have created all of the problems we have. As a society, we need to own our shit. As individuals, we need to know our history.
We live in a democratic society that puts our collective lives into the hands of politicians who we consistently, and with good reason, call “liars”. We know that campaign promises will not be met, this is the sad reality of our system. So, every 4 years we essentially say to each other, “My liar is better than your liar”.
But in no America, under any circumstances, should our liar be a self serving, self tanning, racist, sexist dipwad unable to take criticism or advice.
That doesn’t help anyone, ever.
So, recount? Why not? It’s not whiny people feeling sad about losing, it’s people people feeling scared about a hate and rage filled ignoramus having the nuclear codes and representing America to the world. It’s about letting everyone, everywhere, know that Trump, as a person, and as a representation, is not wanted.
Trump is our next president, that’s reality. So it is now up to us to discipline this man child, let him know when he has done/said something wrong, hold him accountable for the first time in his life, not let America be “Trump’s America”.
As a Nation will never agree 100% on what policies are going to best benefit our country as a whole, we are vast with too many different lives and lifestyles. But, it would be nice if we could agree there are certain types of people that we won’t allow to make these policies. You know, people like Trump. We have had idiot presidents, and we have had asshole presidents, but Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, Monster Energy Drink party…whatever happens, whoever you support in the next election, can we at least agree to not have a total idiot asshole like Trump? That would be really, really swell.

Ohhhh, I get it

It’s all a ruse. A well played and perfectly orchestrated move to dismantle the GOP and realign our entire political system. Trump IS the Trojan horse. It’s almost comical, in retrospect, that he used the term “Trojan Horse” in one of his speeches and then could not explain what it was after the fact. Actually, not almost comical, totally comical. Trump is the new Andy Kauffman, except, possibly, even more talented.
Give the man some credit.
I know, it seems impossibly hard to do so.
You wanted a viable 3rd party? I think there is a very good chance we have one in the 2020 election. You wanted a shake up of the political system? On the democratic side, Hillary has been pushed into taking on some of Bernie’s “socialist” ideas. On the Republican side, well, the exact effects of Trump are really yet to be seen, but there has certainly been a shake up, and that can’t be bad.
If Trump were a joke, I mean, he is a joke, but a real actual joke. If he were to come out and say that this was all a plot to prove how archaic our political process is, point out how racism/sexism remains to be a major issue in our country, how divided our citizens are, how manipulated we all are by the media, then **clap….clap…..clap** and into a strong **standing ovation** Mr. Trump.
Well fucking done my man. WELL DONE.
However, sadly, I don’t believe this is the case. But I don’t even want to think that it’s not. Because that’s not funny. It’s absolutely terrifying. Yes, he keeps losing supporters at various levels of offensive along the way, but no one should have ever jumped onto the ship of shit that is Trump to begin with.
The ironic, or interesting, or….. sad…I’ll say sad.. thing about all of this, is that even not as a joke, I have to appreciate that Donald Dick has hopefully, theoretically, done a lot of unintentional good through all of his harm.
Yes, a lot of bad, a whole lot of bad. But from the bad, the terribleness of Trump making it OK for people to show their true colors of hatred and expose stupidity that was previously swept under the rug, we have to deal with it. A guy like Trump making it this close to the top office in our country means America has some really really serious fucking problems.
There are sections of America that believe all Mexicans are rapists, that not paying taxes is smart, and that if you want something, you should just grab it by the pussy. Gross generalizations, I know. But even so, a light has been shone into the dark corners of our society, and denial is no longer an option.
The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. Well, Donald, you are the problem, and people like you, people that support you are the problem.
Let’s move forward from here.

Do shit

We have an interesting/crazy/sad/historic/weird/frustrating/upsetting political climate right now. Two candidates remain, neither great, one will be our next president. The fact is that our next leader, whoever that may be, will be pretty tied up. There is very little he/she can do to make any sort of drastic change. However, what they do, what our president really does on a daily basis, is represent America as a whole. So when you vote, ask yourself “who would I rather have speak for me?”. Do you really want Donald Trump stammering through incomplete thoughts and self inflating confabulations as a representation of your country? You may not like Hillary, but if Donald is “America”, we open the gates not only to hatred and disgust from other countries, but to more of what we have already seen. American’s thinking it’s OK to shit on other people based on broad incorrect stereotypes and misinformation. Racism becomes acceptable because we have a racist hate filled megalomaniac leader. So don’t vote for Trump. Just don’t. You all know it’s a terrible idea….possibly entertaining…but terrible. Hillary is pretty despicable, I get that, but Donald is the last person in the world you should want in this position, which even if Hillary is second to last, makes her more appealing.
Do some other shit. What shit?
Create and be the America you want to be. Our leaders don’t create the country, nor are they supposed to. This election will end, some people will be pissed, others happy, and a lot will feel “meh”, but there will be a conclusion. After that, whoever is in office means very little to our individual daily lives. You are worried about safety in your community? Education? Corporate takeover? Find a way to get involved. Do. Some. Shit. It is the little microcosms around the US that create the country, and no macro leader can control all of these unless you really let them. Unless you feel that because of our leadership the country is going to shit and no matter what you do, that is the inevitable outcome….which is not real, it’s paranoia. The irony is that if you do indeed believe this, then you are not executing the right that is hammered into every American as a defining factor of who we are, freedom. Freedom to gather and say, “X” politician is a shithead, freedom to express the voice of your particular community, freedom to be involved…or not if you choose. Freedom to live your life.
We all have thoughts on how to make things better, on how to create a “greater good” amongst the population as a whole, which I truly believe is a want of 99.9% of all Americans. In no scenario, ever, is The Donald a part of this equation.

Ugh, white people. Am I right?

All lives matter? Ugh, gross. So, so gross.
It is embarrassing to be a blue eyed white as white can be male when a seemingly large populous of people that look like me are blatantly racist and have elected a racist talking carrot dildo to run for president.
I truly can’t comprehend how an argument can be made against Black Lives Matter. How anyone can, in any context, rebuttal BLM with a version of *blank* lives matter. Racism is a grotesque rash on our nation that has been occasionally dabbed with cortisone, but is still far from gone.
So, in an attempt to belittle the BLM movement…all lives matter? Not helpful, not the point at all, and just flat out childish.
What happened in Dallas is an absolute tragedy, and although it was an act of retaliation, it was not what BLM wanted/wants or intended. Instead of shedding light into a dark crevice of our society and trying to chip away at that “blue wall of silence”, some asshole decided to open fire on the Dallas Police, thus creating a fictitious matchup of BLM vs. Cops. The thing is that there is no “fight”, there is only injustice that reaches far past the unfortunate events of the last few weeks.
Black Americans are 2.5 times as likely to be shot by police as whites. Now the argument can be made, statistically, that black people commit more crimes, and thus, the first statistic is somewhat justified. 1 in 15 black men are in prison compared to 1 in 106 white men. But to make that argument you have to honestly believe that racial profiling doesn’t exist, and that racism itself does not exist in our collective police force (You would also have to ignore history, previous and current laws aimed at the black population, and social science in general).
Philando Castile had 50 driving citations, 50, in 12 years. By comparison, I have been pulled over 3 times in the last 12 years, and all of those times I was driving a motorcycle like a complete moron. I received 3 warnings, and 0 tickets.
Most of Castile’s citations were thrown out, because they were garbage, because he was indeed pulled over for “driving while black”.
Police are a cross section of the American population. There are good and there are bad. In theory it would be the same as a sample of people from any group or field. So, the unfortunate reveal here is how racist our society still is. White Americans are up in arms about the possibility of losing their gun rights, but black Americans are “thugs” for protesting the fact that they are literally getting murdered without repercussion? Murdered by “good guys with guns”. How does that work? How would that affect your self worth, or your 12 year old sons psyche? Police are supposed to be the “peacekeepers”, individuals to look up to, and without accountability for the bad ones, it is fucking tough to show these people the unconditional respect they 100% deserve. It is analogous to Catholic priests, the first thing that comes to mind is not good. Not good at all.
White people, do fucking better. You are mad at people asking for the same rights you generally take for granted on a daily basis, or never even realized you had? Dumb, dumb, dumb.
Racism isn’t going to disappear, but acknowledgment and accountability can help stop the spread.
We are all people, not just under the constitution, God, or anything else, but because that is what we are. A bunch of people floating around on a spinning ball slowly dying like dipshit idiots. Be cool to each other, and speak out when others aren’t.