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He totally deserved it.

I would think that a severed penis would generally not be evidence against the person who once had said penis attached to him. But, this individual lost his manhood, and will stand trial for rape. I think this is the most devastating “adding insult to injury” scenario I have ever heard of….but he deserved it.

BMX triple backflip!!??!

Is this a man with huge testicles? Yes. Yes it is. But how much of this is really just science. He needs to reach a speed of x, at an incline of y, and land z meters off the ground.

When freestyle BMX first started people would practice in pools and piles of mattresses, generally without protective gear. The evolution of insanity. Technology has allowed us to do dumber shit. I want in.
Check out “DeCat”an OG BMX’er. His only protection? A fucking sweet mullet.