Be bored

Baby Driver: “An awe-inspiring piece of filmmaking from Edgar Wright that plays out as a musical through the lens of an action thriller. Sweet, funny and utterly original — you won’t see a film like it this year.” -Terri White, Empire
Yes, cool. Sounds great. I bit.
Here’s the thing, it was awful. It was objectively not a good movie. The plot was hole riddled, the majority of the acting was not good…..but the thing that was most unnerving was that there were multiple reviews, including the one above, that called it “original”. Baby Driver consists of one of the most basic movie plots ever constructed: Guy gets in with the wrong people, owes a debt, and does things he doesn’t want to do. Predictable as the sun coming up. “Awe-inspiring”?! No, zero awe.
Preceding the movie were trailers for “Bladerunner” and “Flatliners”, two remakes.
My rare evening at the movies left me asking, what has happened to us? All of us? As an over the top reactionary answer: Creativity is dead and our expectations have fallen to shit.
We require constant stimulation, there is no “dead time”. In line? Get on your phone. Stop light? Phone. Pooping? Phone. At a beautiful park sitting under the shade with someone that warms your heart to the core as a perfect breeze crosses your body? Two phones out.
What do we do on these devices? Watch videos of dipshit youtube “stars” like Jake Paul. If you don’t know him, don’t look him up, it will just upset you.
I am not anti-technology, and I have not sat on the toilet sans phone for years, but damn people, the acceptance of all things crap is not acceptable. I of course am not talking only about movies. I am talking about the more general fact that somehow shit is now gold.
We eat shit food, buy plastic cheap shit products, and elect cheap shit leaders. I am not specifically talking about Trump, who 1000% falls into this category, but I am talking about all of our “leaders” that worry about money/reputation and not about creative, inclusive, problem solving.
We no longer sit and think. We no longer wade in our own boredom creating something that takes us out of it. We use technology to take us out, and all of our brains are suffering.
The majority of “art” and “artists” that are consistently making noise today don’t have talent, they have marketability. This leaves an entire generation looking to market themselves instead of better themselves. We aren’t creating for the sake of creating, we are creating simply for fame and/or money.
Curated creativity.
Let loose every once in a while. Without a camera, without intent. If you are to witness this rare release by another human, enjoy it, with your phone in your pocket.
Expect more, create more. We are better than this, right?