A Fond Farewell

I remember wandering the streets of San Francisco on a somewhat rare, warm November night. I had no destination, no need to be anywhere, but I wasn’t ready to walk home, not yet. I called my brother, I called friends, I trekked the city for hours with excitement and optimism. On this night in 2008 we had elected the first black president, and for so many reasons, in my eyes, the right person at the right time. Regardless of how you voted or where you stood, we had, at the very least, elected an undeniably intelligent president that had brought a new and vibrant energy into politics.
Obama said goodbye last night, and while many people will usher this president out with the same distain they maintained for him over the last 8 years, I said my goodbye with tears.
Obama’s farewell adress was what I expected. Eloquent, inclusive, smart, poignant, and optimistic. The president elect is not the person Obama wanted to follow him, not by a long shot, but even in this defeat, Obama is nothing but encouraging and supportive. Something he received very little of during his tenure as POTUS.
Following Obama’s speech, Trump held a press conference, which was also exactly what I expected. Mangled sentence fragments and incoherent thoughts.
I pictured the first State of The Union, Trump getting up and making a speech that not only doesn’t make any sense, but is full of division and blame.
I will miss Obama because I think he was an excellent president, but I will also miss him because he represented the things I like about America: Inclusion, grounded optimism, intelligence, compromise….. Trump is everything I hate about America: Greed, inability to listen-take responsibility for-admit fault, non-inclusive, fake, uninformed, entitled…..We have elected into our highest office, someone so insecure and ignorant that there is a chance I receive an actual response from him for saying so….sigh….off topic….
Obama, nothing and no one is perfect, but you did a great job. I thank you for your service. I thank you for your efforts, energy, and patience in dealing with America and the world. I am proud to say I voted for you, twice, and hope that you will stay involved. Your legacy may be altered, but not forgotten. I appreciate you.
Also, teenagers, am I right? #wherewassasha