Our president elect is a piece of shit

I’m sorry, is this title not clear? Let me rephrase, Donald Trump is a huge pile of shit.
This is not meant to be inflammatory, and it really shouldn’t be. This is not news. It is not an opinion, it is fact. Regardless of race, gender, sex, shoe size, or any other factor or viewpoint you may have, there is no defense for Trump as a human. He has been terrible his entire life. He was despicable when he was a Democrat, awful when he was (and is, kind of) a Republican. He is not a nice guy. Period.
We have elected a horrible person as president. There have certainly been flawed presidents in the past, but none so open and unabashedly transparent about their awful.
Now we are supposed to give him a chance. We are supposed to put our faith into someone who has, his entire life, made every decision based on “How will this benefit me?” without care or concern for any other being. Propping himself up by putting other people down. We are supposed to believe that NOW he cares about the American people.
Huge surprise, Trump doesn’t care about America. Trump cares about Trump.
He is a rich spoiled child that has never faced any repercussions, never been told he is wrong, and always had his way.
Now Trump is going to have his way with America. Grabbing it by, I guess, like Alabama….I think that is approximately where the pussy would be on America (I am speaking simply at a physical level, I don’t think Alabama is full of pussies). He is backing away from campaign promises and looking out for ol’ number 1. Doing what Donald does best. And yes, we are only 3 weeks in.
He is making Washington even dirtier with his first round of joke appointees, asking favors from foreign leaders on personal business endeavors, and his fragile ego can’t handle even the slightest criticism as he lashes out on completely arbitrary things.
These are serious problems. If I were a Trump supporter that voted for him despite his racist/sexist/asshole rhetoric with the hopes that he would create positive change in Washington, I would be jumping ship at this point.
But, spoiler, I was not a Trump supporter, ever. I didn’t even like him in Home Alone 2. I jumped ship with hate. Unfortunately, for a lot of people hate resonated, because it came with a partner in crime. It’s not just hate, there’s blame. There is a tangible specific for what is going wrong in your life. Let’s not try and fix the problem itself, lets not work out a compromise, or think creatively. Let’s lay blame on someone else and fuck them up. Muslims, Mexicans, Immigrants, Obama…….it’s not you, it’s them.
It’s the simplest of solutions, so easy to get caught up in, but it’s a fallacy. We have created all of the problems we have. As a society, we need to own our shit. As individuals, we need to know our history.
We live in a democratic society that puts our collective lives into the hands of politicians who we consistently, and with good reason, call “liars”. We know that campaign promises will not be met, this is the sad reality of our system. So, every 4 years we essentially say to each other, “My liar is better than your liar”.
But in no America, under any circumstances, should our liar be a self serving, self tanning, racist, sexist dipwad unable to take criticism or advice.
That doesn’t help anyone, ever.
So, recount? Why not? It’s not whiny people feeling sad about losing, it’s people people feeling scared about a hate and rage filled ignoramus having the nuclear codes and representing America to the world. It’s about letting everyone, everywhere, know that Trump, as a person, and as a representation, is not wanted.
Trump is our next president, that’s reality. So it is now up to us to discipline this man child, let him know when he has done/said something wrong, hold him accountable for the first time in his life, not let America be “Trump’s America”.
As a Nation will never agree 100% on what policies are going to best benefit our country as a whole, we are vast with too many different lives and lifestyles. But, it would be nice if we could agree there are certain types of people that we won’t allow to make these policies. You know, people like Trump. We have had idiot presidents, and we have had asshole presidents, but Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, Monster Energy Drink party…whatever happens, whoever you support in the next election, can we at least agree to not have a total idiot asshole like Trump? That would be really, really swell.