Ohhhh, I get it

It’s all a ruse. A well played and perfectly orchestrated move to dismantle the GOP and realign our entire political system. Trump IS the Trojan horse. It’s almost comical, in retrospect, that he used the term “Trojan Horse” in one of his speeches and then could not explain what it was after the fact. Actually, not almost comical, totally comical. Trump is the new Andy Kauffman, except, possibly, even more talented.
Give the man some credit.
I know, it seems impossibly hard to do so.
You wanted a viable 3rd party? I think there is a very good chance we have one in the 2020 election. You wanted a shake up of the political system? On the democratic side, Hillary has been pushed into taking on some of Bernie’s “socialist” ideas. On the Republican side, well, the exact effects of Trump are really yet to be seen, but there has certainly been a shake up, and that can’t be bad.
If Trump were a joke, I mean, he is a joke, but a real actual joke. If he were to come out and say that this was all a plot to prove how archaic our political process is, point out how racism/sexism remains to be a major issue in our country, how divided our citizens are, how manipulated we all are by the media, then **clap….clap…..clap** and into a strong **standing ovation** Mr. Trump.
Well fucking done my man. WELL DONE.
However, sadly, I don’t believe this is the case. But I don’t even want to think that it’s not. Because that’s not funny. It’s absolutely terrifying. Yes, he keeps losing supporters at various levels of offensive along the way, but no one should have ever jumped onto the ship of shit that is Trump to begin with.
The ironic, or interesting, or….. sad…I’ll say sad.. thing about all of this, is that even not as a joke, I have to appreciate that Donald Dick has hopefully, theoretically, done a lot of unintentional good through all of his harm.
Yes, a lot of bad, a whole lot of bad. But from the bad, the terribleness of Trump making it OK for people to show their true colors of hatred and expose stupidity that was previously swept under the rug, we have to deal with it. A guy like Trump making it this close to the top office in our country means America has some really really serious fucking problems.
There are sections of America that believe all Mexicans are rapists, that not paying taxes is smart, and that if you want something, you should just grab it by the pussy. Gross generalizations, I know. But even so, a light has been shone into the dark corners of our society, and denial is no longer an option.
The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. Well, Donald, you are the problem, and people like you, people that support you are the problem.
Let’s move forward from here.