Do shit

We have an interesting/crazy/sad/historic/weird/frustrating/upsetting political climate right now. Two candidates remain, neither great, one will be our next president. The fact is that our next leader, whoever that may be, will be pretty tied up. There is very little he/she can do to make any sort of drastic change. However, what they do, what our president really does on a daily basis, is represent America as a whole. So when you vote, ask yourself “who would I rather have speak for me?”. Do you really want Donald Trump stammering through incomplete thoughts and self inflating confabulations as a representation of your country? You may not like Hillary, but if Donald is “America”, we open the gates not only to hatred and disgust from other countries, but to more of what we have already seen. American’s thinking it’s OK to shit on other people based on broad incorrect stereotypes and misinformation. Racism becomes acceptable because we have a racist hate filled megalomaniac leader. So don’t vote for Trump. Just don’t. You all know it’s a terrible idea….possibly entertaining…but terrible. Hillary is pretty despicable, I get that, but Donald is the last person in the world you should want in this position, which even if Hillary is second to last, makes her more appealing.
Do some other shit. What shit?
Create and be the America you want to be. Our leaders don’t create the country, nor are they supposed to. This election will end, some people will be pissed, others happy, and a lot will feel “meh”, but there will be a conclusion. After that, whoever is in office means very little to our individual daily lives. You are worried about safety in your community? Education? Corporate takeover? Find a way to get involved. Do. Some. Shit. It is the little microcosms around the US that create the country, and no macro leader can control all of these unless you really let them. Unless you feel that because of our leadership the country is going to shit and no matter what you do, that is the inevitable outcome….which is not real, it’s paranoia. The irony is that if you do indeed believe this, then you are not executing the right that is hammered into every American as a defining factor of who we are, freedom. Freedom to gather and say, “X” politician is a shithead, freedom to express the voice of your particular community, freedom to be involved…or not if you choose. Freedom to live your life.
We all have thoughts on how to make things better, on how to create a “greater good” amongst the population as a whole, which I truly believe is a want of 99.9% of all Americans. In no scenario, ever, is The Donald a part of this equation.