Ugh, white people. Am I right?

All lives matter? Ugh, gross. So, so gross.
It is embarrassing to be a blue eyed white as white can be male when a seemingly large populous of people that look like me are blatantly racist and have elected a racist talking carrot dildo to run for president.
I truly can’t comprehend how an argument can be made against Black Lives Matter. How anyone can, in any context, rebuttal BLM with a version of *blank* lives matter. Racism is a grotesque rash on our nation that has been occasionally dabbed with cortisone, but is still far from gone.
So, in an attempt to belittle the BLM movement…all lives matter? Not helpful, not the point at all, and just flat out childish.
What happened in Dallas is an absolute tragedy, and although it was an act of retaliation, it was not what BLM wanted/wants or intended. Instead of shedding light into a dark crevice of our society and trying to chip away at that “blue wall of silence”, some asshole decided to open fire on the Dallas Police, thus creating a fictitious matchup of BLM vs. Cops. The thing is that there is no “fight”, there is only injustice that reaches far past the unfortunate events of the last few weeks.
Black Americans are 2.5 times as likely to be shot by police as whites. Now the argument can be made, statistically, that black people commit more crimes, and thus, the first statistic is somewhat justified. 1 in 15 black men are in prison compared to 1 in 106 white men. But to make that argument you have to honestly believe that racial profiling doesn’t exist, and that racism itself does not exist in our collective police force (You would also have to ignore history, previous and current laws aimed at the black population, and social science in general).
Philando Castile had 50 driving citations, 50, in 12 years. By comparison, I have been pulled over 3 times in the last 12 years, and all of those times I was driving a motorcycle like a complete moron. I received 3 warnings, and 0 tickets.
Most of Castile’s citations were thrown out, because they were garbage, because he was indeed pulled over for “driving while black”.
Police are a cross section of the American population. There are good and there are bad. In theory it would be the same as a sample of people from any group or field. So, the unfortunate reveal here is how racist our society still is. White Americans are up in arms about the possibility of losing their gun rights, but black Americans are “thugs” for protesting the fact that they are literally getting murdered without repercussion? Murdered by “good guys with guns”. How does that work? How would that affect your self worth, or your 12 year old sons psyche? Police are supposed to be the “peacekeepers”, individuals to look up to, and without accountability for the bad ones, it is fucking tough to show these people the unconditional respect they 100% deserve. It is analogous to Catholic priests, the first thing that comes to mind is not good. Not good at all.
White people, do fucking better. You are mad at people asking for the same rights you generally take for granted on a daily basis, or never even realized you had? Dumb, dumb, dumb.
Racism isn’t going to disappear, but acknowledgment and accountability can help stop the spread.
We are all people, not just under the constitution, God, or anything else, but because that is what we are. A bunch of people floating around on a spinning ball slowly dying like dipshit idiots. Be cool to each other, and speak out when others aren’t.