Dirty Word

Fuck Fuck Shit Ass Fuck Bitch Socialist Dickfart Crapass…
Wait, did you say “Socialist”?
The word brings images of starving nations, the notion that hard work is not rewarded, unhappiness, a controlling few…..pretty much what we have right now.
We are not at an extreme, there are no “bread lines”, but our capitalistic society has become such an extreme version of capitalism that a giant chasm now sits where the middle class should be. High end growth has skyrocketed to a point that historically would have already forced those in the lower 90% to revolt. But, because the information sent to the masses comes from the top, we have a complacent lower class voting against their best interests.
So now we have a “man for the people”, a self- proclaimed democratic socialist. Bernie. The attention of his self description seems to sit on the word “socialist”, and that he (incorrectly) wants to “give away” America’s wealth. Now, whether you like Bernie or not is beside the point, the reasons you like or dislike him should be the focus.
There are different levels of socialism, and a democratic socialist still believes in capitalism, albeit on a different level. A democratic socialist is looking for a solid baseline. Healthcare, education, necessities that will allow all of society to be better off now, and in the future. If the worry truly lies in the next generation, and the next generation, then the only way to secure a safe and prosperous country is with education, and fulfilling basic provisions.
If you are worried about giving away money, it’s too late. America is already giving away it’s wealth. We give trillions of dollars in tax breaks to corporations and overspend on private and public military ventures/technology that are never used. The real hideous thing about this is that we spend very little on military personnel, attending to their health needs, but we give Lockheed-Martin and Northrup Gruman billions to further our global military might. When you give private companies the ability to buy public policy, the health and wealth of the country is pocketed and controlled not by the people, but by primarily self-serving corporations seeking a better bottom line.
Lastly, and most importantly, any rich person in America, any successful person in this country owes a portion of their success to the infrastructure and potential provided by what you may call “hand outs”. Tim Cook would not be where he is had he been born in Lima, Peru.
Taxes are a great and necessary way to help a modern civilization progress, but not if they are used to stack 12 billion dollars, in cash, on a pallet, ship it to Iraq and watch it disappear (yes, that really happened).
We have a 2 party system, which is an unfortunate reality, and we have a system that has traditionally taken big bucks to succeed in. Money that can only be raised by candidates making promises that compromise themselves, and the people that support them. Right now something different is going on, and it’s great. The people are speaking with their own money to support a candidate that they feel really will do the “greatest good” for America, as a whole, not just the top.
Our collective voices are so much more meaningful than the singular voice of the Koch brothers, who are promising $700 million to the GOP candidate, indebtting him (I would say “or her”, but let’s be real about the GOP) to big oil for life.
Socialism is not a dirty word, it (or they) is not the enemy. It’s a multi-faceted ideology that offers another viewpoint. And no matter what party you stand with, I think we can all agree that another viewpoint is something we need.