Life’s equation

What are you doing right now? Really? right now? Is it enjoyable? Will the end result of these actions bring an overall net positive to your life? No. Then stop. Just stop.
There is a mathematical equation to everything. I know it’s stale and almost cutthroat to say that numbers are involved with things like love and emotions, or relationships in general, but it is true.
You work a job to obtain money, to afford life, possibly life + “X”. “X” can be any variable you choose to spend time or money on. Maybe you work less to allow more free time, maybe you work more to gain more wealth. This is a simple time/value relationship that everyone should consider when taking a new job or moving. Essentially going down a new life path with concrete, unemotional factors.
However, your time is always worth something, and the people in your life should always add value.
Surround yourself with net positives.
This of course means different things to different individuals. Your net positive might simply be a “good conversation” while someone else’s may be getting enjoyment out of helping a friend that is consistently “a wreck”, a time and energy suck.
While we vary in life “wants” there is a finite amount of energy in each person.
We are all magnets, don’t force yourself to the wrong connection.

Here is the basic equation to life, you are welcome.

R(X)/time = V

R= Relationship This could be a person, place or thing. Your relationship with anything you spend time with. This number is always 1 as this equation only works for an individual item.

X= Self determined numerical value. Find a non-emotional baseline for “X”. Further explanation below.

Time=Time Amount of time you spend with “R” per year in hours.

V= value If value is above 1, then “R” is worth your time.

X” baseline should be a plug in that allows the equation to equal exactly 1. For instance, I like pancakes at a 2, I spend about 2 hours a year eating pancakes, 1(2)/2=1….1=1. That’s my baseline. It’s not a great experience, not a bad experience. At even value I could take it or leave it.

I like my friend David more than I like pancakes. 100x’s more? Yes. Much more. This equation isn’t necessary for my decision here, but let’s say David is 50,000.
1(50,000)/500 (hours spent with David over a year)= 500. 500>1, therefore David is a huge net positive on my life. Keep him.

A more complex issue may be something like work, or any “X” with a multitude of factors inside of that thing. So you must include all fringe elements before applying value. So work itself may be awful (-10,000), but all the necessities (+100,000. House, food, bills) and luxuries (+30,000. Travel, car, dope ass shoes) added to your life due to this awful “X” may wind up creating a net positive.

Always do the hours last. If I like pancakes at a 2, and am honest with myself, I probably like snowboarding at a 20. After factoring costs, travel, exercise, potential to hurt myself….I still like snowboarding 10x more than pancakes. OK, I snowboard maybe 5 hours per year. 1(20)/5= 4. Worth it.

Does this make any sense! YES! Kind of?….Hopefully for you. Maybe not…..sigh……Time is everything! It is the only commodity that we all have. It varies in most of us, and it is finite in all of us. Use it wisely……If that last sentence makes you wish you didn’t read any of this….This article is a net negative. If you read this and it DOES make sense, net positive. Either way my point has been proven! BLAMMO!!