Saddle up

Can you feel the excitement? In only 4 seasons, just over 365 days, about 7.1 dog years, almost 1 bee lifespan, our country will do something only done 56 times before, we will hold a presidential election.
I know, it’s worrisome. Are we prepared? Well, at this point we have whittled down to only 18 potential candidates. Only 18 people ranging from terribly unqualified to completely corrupted are seeking our country’s highest office. Terrifying right? Terrifying that the GDP of most countries will be spent in the next year on electing an individual that will no doubt be tied to promises, handcuffed by government, and in debt to the corporations that paid to get him/her there.
The Koch brothers have promised $900 million to whichever GOP candidate takes the general election. That’s it? You guys are worth 100 billion, quit being pussies.
Our electoral process is really not that much different than the NFL. There is massive coverage, cover up, people get hurt, people cheat, but no one cares because money is made. Actually, that describes our banking system as well….really the entire financial industry…..oh, also healthcare…..yup, education too……military, did I say military?
Certainly you have heard the saying “money talks, and bullshit walks”….. now that I write that I don’t really get the “bullshit walks” part other than it makes a super clever rhyme, but let’s discuss “money talks”. Money does talk, unfortunately. It talks with a loud, obtrusive and overwhelming voice that squeezes through every crevice of our overstimulated American lives. It also talks in a subtle manner, forcing ideas and even beliefs into individuals that may not actually be in their best interest. Then we vote accordingly and all lose.
The left has money, the right has money, the middle has no money, and thus, no voice. Essentially what this does is create a Democrat vs. Republican tug of war in which the rope just keeps stretching and everyone gets further and further apart.
Here’s how we fix this…..kidding, obviously, it’s almost too fucked to be fixed at this point. But wouldn’t it be cool if we actually tried? If blatantly detrimental things like citizens united were overturned or better yet not created in the first place? What if the media were only allowed to present factual information on their “news” channels? What if people were given real, tangible truths and based their decisions on that? We might just have an honest, uncontaminated electoral process resulting in a president that can represent the American population on both sides of the spectrum and isn’t tied to anything or anyone.
In this next year try not to listen to the money. Take some time and research where people stand on what you truly believe in. Ignore the party lines and the temptation to make decisions based on what side of the rope you pull from. There is real unbiased information at places like this(I am sure some will argue that this too is biased, but it is undeniably better.). You put effort into your fantasy football team or stock picks, or online purchase, just put a little effort into your choice for our country’s next leader.
Or, fuck it, whatever, just vote for Donald Trump because he had a TV show you liked or Hillary even though she is above answering basic questions.

*Full disclosure, I am a fan of Bernie Sanders.