An open letter to Harrah’s (Harvey’s) casino

Hey there, it’s me, one of the thousands of people you built your empire off of. No, I’m not writing like that, I know what I am getting myself into when I step into one of your joints. It’s cool, I’m not mad. I actually came out a little on top this trip.
I am writing because I recently visited your Harvey’s resort and casino in South Lake Tahoe. It’s outdated, I would describe our room as “shitty awesome”, and the escalator didn’t work any of the 3 days we were there. Really though, that is what I like about Harvey’s. If you were to renovate and put a chic luxurious palace on the lake, I would never come back. As it stands right now, it’s fabulous.
There is one thing that could use a little help though. My buddy and I come up every year for a few days of mountain biking, swimming, gambling, maybe a round of golf, a vacation if you will. So I have to say that when I came out to my car the second morning and saw that my bike lock was cut, my ties all undone, and my bike was stolen off the back of my car from your lot, I was upset. Now, Harrah’s, I know you can not be responsible for the actions of other individuals, and I know that crime is an unfortunate reality of our society, but it would have been nice to see at least 1 camera in your parking garage. Right, there is one at the gate, seeing people enter and exit, but not one camera anywhere in the poorly lit compound that is your multi level covered garage. Also, that one camera, the one at the front, wasn’t working that night….or maybe any night?
Anyway, it got me thinking, and I realized, you just don’t give a shit about your customers. I could stand at any point of your 15000 square foot gambling floor and count at least 20 cameras, but nowhere in your 4 story garage is there any device to capture the potentially awful things that could go on in there. Obviously you are protecting your money on the floor, but as for your customers, eh, fuck ’em, am I right?
You do realize you run a casino, don’t you? A place where people drink, lose money, and come out hot. A place that does not always attract individuals that make the best decisions in life.
Cameras aren’t an expensive investment, you have proven that with the thousands that litter your property. It would be nice to even just see those plastic bubbles in the garage. Maybe it’s a camera, maybe it’s not, but it is a deterrent.
The bottom line is I lost a bike. It’s sad and it wrecked part of our trip, but it’s replaceable and it’s a thing. It would be far too easy for something to happen where someone can’t say that.
Really all I want to say is fuck you Harrah’s. Is that harsh? I don’t think so.
Harvey’s Lake Tahoe was built in 1944. For 71 years you have been lining your pockets with the money and tears of your patrons, and you have the audacity to so blatantly exhibit your lack of care for these individuals?
Oh, also, your employees park in this garage. Really really nice. You know that aside from these dealers making your money, they also get massive amounts of unwarranted blame for bad cards or the wrong rolls. With no protection, you are just enticing a psychopath to wait in the garage for them.
This is bad business, it’s bad people, it’s really pretty unfathomable.
Other than that, hey, it was a great trip, really liked the new pop a shot game in the arcade.

just another one of your piece of shit customers.