Gross generalizations! Blanket statements! (blank) people do (blank)!
No matter where you stand on the current situation, there has been an injustice. A repeated injustice. And an injustice is so much worse than a mistake. It is a wrongdoing that is recognized, and not rectified. Hopefully not in Baltimore, but historically in so so many cases, the wrongdoing is not only not righted, but has been justified as the correct course of action. This is an injustice at the worst and most frustrating level.
I think Michael Brown was unjustifiably shot. Eric Garner was murdered by a cop. There is no doubt that Freddie Gray was killed by our boys in blue. The majority, if not all, of the evidence points in this direction in all of these cases. Brown’s murder is a little more murky, but Darren Wilson absolutely did not follow proper procedure. Yet, there have been no repercussions. Pantaleo wasn’t indicted, neither was Wilson. In the Garner case, even with undisputable video evidence of excessive force, Daniel Pantaleo is walking free.
So, what the fuck do you expect?
People have been wronged, repeatedly, and you don’t expect a response?
Yes, wreaking general havoc on a city is probably not the best course of action, but reacting appropriately when emotionally charged is not always easy. Sure, there are some people that are involved for the wrong reasons, basically being dicks. There are also cops doing absolutely amazing work. There are good and bad people on both sides, as there always has been and always will be. However, if the general population felt that there were any chance these Baltimore cops would be held accountable for their actions, none of this would have happened. History has shown time and time again that these “peacekeepers” are almost certain to get away with murder.
Race is an issue, economic disparity is an issue, history is an issue, corruption…these are systemic problems that need addressing, but we are here now. So what are we going to do? Continue down this path by sweeping things under the rug? Give the responsible parties a slap on the wrist so we can kick this problem down the road and have another eruption of outrage in the not to distant future?
Something needs to change. So, how do we go about that?
Here is a wild idea. Treat these cops as equals under the law.
We don’t live in an equal society. Not even close. But, we can at least apply our laws and regulations consistently. Having money or a specific position should not allow you to be held to a lower legal standard.
Our society would be chaos without police officers, and they deserve our respect, 100%. Our officers are going to make mistakes, just like all of us, and mistakes can and should be forgiven. Almost severing a mans head while he is in restraints is not a mistake.
Whether you are a cop or a man on the street, murder is murder, and there are specific repercussions to these actions. If the rules we have set do not apply to someone because he/she has a badge, that is not a mistake, that is an injustice.


This is not what Hank LaFountain imagined. It was not what he imagined for lunch, it was not what he imagined for life. Childhood dreams drifted away with early adulthood, and by the age of 30, have all but disappeared. Hank dipped another over salted fry into the pool of ketchup he created in the top right corner of his red plastic tray and casually threw it in his mouth. “Free smiles” are offered as a menu item, but there was not a visible tooth anywhere in this “restaurant”. Hank reached for his 32oz diet soda and took a squeaky sip.
Sitting behind his desk at 11am, Hank was excited for this moment, excited for this break in the day to eat and get away from his phone and computer screen. 45 minutes later the lack of excitement is depressing. Hank is “The King of Insurance”, he prided himself as being able to sell a policy to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Now, with his legs falling asleep as he sat in this amazingly non-ergonomic red and yellow hard plastic booth, Hank couldn’t sell himself on his own life.
That’s it.
Hank is taking a stand. Literally; his belly rubbed against the table as he rose to his feet, and figuratively; he was done with this rat race, this boring mundane life.
Hank stood ready to change, to create his own happiness, to be the man the child version of him envisioned. He looked at his surroundings, eager to tackle any obstacle. Hank’s adrenaline was pumping, he felt excitement in his soul that he thought was lost long ago. He stood there with the feeling of a conquerer, not the conquered. Hank was ready… but not until the blood returned to his legs. Once your legs fall asleep, you really just can’t do shit.


The History of The World

Every morning in front of my house there is a scramble of yoga mats and cycling shoes. I imagine this occurs at 6 and 7am, I sometimes see it at 8am, but at 9, 9:30 and 10, the race is definitely on. Cars circle looking for a close parking spot, people get out, grab the necessary equipment for class, and rush in. Some people ride their bikes to class, some people walk, but everyone wants to get their exercise for the day.
This is fucked.
Everything is so easy that exercise is no longer required to survive. We don’t hunt our food, we don’t build our abodes, we don’t even have to carry blocks of ice up a set of stairs anymore. We don’t have to do shit. So a trillion dollar industry has popped up in the last 50 years because we have created technology that pushes us past the point of necessary movement. Chopping trees, digging holes, most everything has been replaced by a mechanical equivalent.
However, people still want to look and feel good. So, classes and gyms provide us with the physical movement we used to do. There is also a secondary billion dollar market of nutritional supplements to help people do less and look better.
We are so close to being brains in a vat. What functional use will there be for humans in 100 years? Will we become obsolete? Ruled by robots? Elon Musk says so.
But, if robots rule, why would they want to stay on Earth? With metal components and water in our atmosphere rust would be a certainty, shortening their life span and durability.
If I were a robot in a future Earth I would build spaceships and fly all of my robot friends to a dry planet, maybe Mars.
I would of course take some human and Earth life samples to study and learn from, also to fuck with.
Then, after thousands of years go by, when Earth has no population, a meteor will inevitably strike my new home planet of Mars. What will robot me do? Probably calculate the best chance of survival and do that, maybe I make it maybe I don’t.
When that meteor hits it will take particles and single cell organisms, native Earth organisms brought to Mars for the purpose of being studied (and fucked with), and spread them throughout the universe. Some will land back on Earth, and guess what? They will survive, and evolve. Eventually they will move from single cell organisms to complex beings, monkeys, humans forming civilizations.
This is how life as we know it was formed, and will be formed again. It’s cyclical.
Eat shit Stephen Hawking, I just explained everything.



Any game you can possibly think of has only been made better with the addition of a wild card. Casinos, sports, Uno, when the always coveted and long awaited for wild card finally shows up, you let out a little excited gasp.
So why not a wild card president in 2016?
No, not Ted Cruz, not Hillary Clinton.
A wild card.
I would argue that a true wild card never calls themselves a wild card, which excludes Rand Paul. A true WC goes with decisions they find to be sound, even if they are completely out-of-the-box from left field.
Our political system is so predictable and stagnant that only a real game changer is capable of making a difference. Someone not concerned about a second term in office or setting up their represented political party for future control or gain. Someone making decisions based on what they actually believe to be right rather than what outside interests expect. Yes, there are huge problems in congress. I am not blaming Obama solely for this stagnation. There are huge problems everywhere in the D.C. “machine”. Our country is being run as a for profit company and somehow our elected officials have become the profiting shareholders. We allow special interests to buy elections and purchase their way onto the congressional floor. Only someone that, for lack of a better term, “don’t give a fuck”, will be able to change that.
Here is the tough part, we also have to find a wild card that is brave. Someone that is willing to stand up under immense pressure. In addition to being brave, they have to be incorruptible. He/she must be immune to the temptation of incentives and money. Lastly, we have to find someone with all of these qualities that also wants the job title “leader of the free world”.
Does this person exist?
Honestly, probably not.
There is a lot of emphasis on “experience”, which is certainly an important factor in almost any “hiring” situation. However, I would argue that the more experience someone has in Washington, the more corrupted they have become. At this point experience in Washington is the equivalent of working for a shitty company. I would rather hire a new face than someone that has been the CEO of a dying company for 15 years.
Compromise is huge, and usually a good thing, unless that compromise comes from the sale of your core values to a company that will financially back your next campaign.
Right now we have a huge list of possibilities to choose from:
-Ted Cruz
-Rand Paul
-Hillary Clinton
-Joe Biden
-Jeb Bush
-Marco Rubio
-Chris Christie
-Lindsay Graham
-Andrew Cuomo
-Rick Perry
and so on….will any of these people do anything different?

Reshuffle the deck and re-deal. I want a wild.