It is not “Religious Freedom”

America was not established as a Christian nation. Quite the opposite really. America was established as a nation of liberties, which included the right to worship freely or not at all. We were not, nor have ever been a homogenous society, in any sense of the word, including in religious thought. We are the “melting pot” or “salad bowl” of the world. While Christianity is now and has always been part of American society, God is not mentioned in our constitution. Our founders believed in the “separation of church and state”, a phrase often credited to Thomas Jefferson.
So, what is going on in Indiana?
Unfortunately, nothing abnormal.
Indiana is the 20th state to adopt this “religious freedom” law, which would be laughingly oxymoronic if it didn’t potentially affect so many people.
This law pushes the idea that one can be a patriotic Christian against gay marriage, which is not possible.
If you are a devout Christian and believe the word of The Bible, then “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”-Genesis 1:27. If this were the case, God created homosexuals and their behavior is acceptable, as a Christian.
So, this MUST mean sexual preference is a choice. However, this is protected and justified as an American in The Bill of Rights. It is also further supported by the privileges or immunities clause in the 14th Amendment which states: “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States….” (July 9th, 1868)
Basically, if you are a true American, you support freedom of choice, and thus support the choice of being homosexual…..unless you believe it is not a choice, and God made everyone the way they are….which you would support as a Christian. So you can not be an American Christian and stand against the rights of same sex couples without being a complete hypocrite.
But, that is exactly what is happening.
The “religious freedom” law is scary. It is scary as it is, but it also poses a very dangerous slippery slope.
On one hand, as a business you should be able to serve who you want. This is a freedom you have as an American business owner. In theory this will work itself out. The market will dictate whether you will succeed. Hopefully, people will be disgusted by discriminatory behaviors, boycott these businesses, and they will fail.
In reality, by passing this law we are saying that it is OK to deny individuals based on personal prejudices. The language of this law prevents legal action against businesses that refuse service to a person based on the religious beliefs of the owner or the establishment. It is not only using the 1st amendment in a despicable way, but it is also teetering on Jim Crow laws.
This is a obviously a huge step backwards for gay rights, but it also opens the door to legal racism and religious discrimination.
The “religious freedom” law is as un-American as you can get. By establishing this law we are in direct contradiction to the bastion of freedom and hope we claim to be.
Are we not The United States of America? This does not “unite”, this further divides what is currently already a pretty divided nation. If you think that doesn’t matter, you are wrong.

“Then join hand in hand, brave American’s all, by uniting we stand, by dividing we fall”.-1768 John Dickenson “The Liberty Song”

Hanes T-shirts refused Putin, not other way around.

The numerous topless photos of Russian President Vladimir Putin paint of picture of masculinity and strength. They appear to be a power move, an attempt to intimidate the rest of the world. Well, appearances can be deceiving.
In an unprecedented event, numerous models and makes of Hanes t-shirts are coming forward and speaking out against the Russian President, redefining who Putin really is.
“I want to make everyone feel comfortable,” said one anonymous Hanes Classics Men’s Traditional Fit ComfortSoft® TAGLESS® Crewneck “but Vlad consistently pushed the envelope, I haven’t been able to bring myself to stay on him for years.”
The image of a barrel chested leader silver backing the world is nothing but a farce. The reality of the situation, the reason behind the half-naked Russian leader, is in actuality, a non violent stance by his own shirts choosing not to be worn.
“There were days when the entire drawer was on strike, we stood united. It was amazing.” stated a Hanes Beefy-T Adult Pocket T-Shirt over a phone interview. “If only we could have got the pants on board.”
After years of oppression, what was the straw that broke the camels back? A planned celebratory event, the 70th anniversary of WWII. However, in a “fuck you” maneuver, Putin invited 26 leaders of nations not known for democracy or transparency to this Russian party, including North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
“I didn’t care that Putin sweat profusely, this is what I deal with being what I am. I didn’t care that he smelled, or that he consistently untucked the bottom part of me to blow his nose then tucked me back in. I just couldn’t do my job properly and provide him with adequate warmth when I disagreed with so many of his political viewpoints.” This Hanes Big Beefy-T Adult Long-Sleeve Henley has been safely extradited and is now on American soil, but how many shirts are left?
“Look, it’s not just about shirts.” a brash Hanes Men’s ComfortBlend® V-Neck Undershirt 3-Pack jumped in, “The hairs on the bottom half of Kim Jong Un’s head? They been mutinous for years. Hopefully seeing us come forward will allow them to do the same.”

The future

We are running out of water in California. This is a reality that is shockingly not being addressed in any way. There are green lawns, golf courses, and dripping clean cars on the streets. We are in an extreme drought that has somehow brought on 0 water restrictions. Everyone just keeps on keeping on. So, what does that mean, what is going to happen? Great questions that I don’t have answers to. Science and technology may be able to cover up our mistakes, but if they don’t, there are cities that will be forced to collapse within the century. Cities that will be examples to future civilizations of how/where not to live.
Unfortunately, at least one such example already exists.
As you drive down highway 111 in Southern California past Palm Springs and the surrounding desert sprawl, you will undoubtabley ask yourself 2 questions. First: “People actually live here?”. Second: “What do these people do?”. The answer to the first question is a definitive “yes”. I have no answer for the second.
About 30 miles into the desert there is something that makes no sense. California’s largest lake, The Salton Sea. It’s 110 degrees here in the summer, and 75 in January. With an average rainfall of under 5 inches a year this is undeniably a desert, and deserts and lakes don’t mix.
This entire area is a culmination of human error. The lake itself was created by a breeched dam on the Colorado River in 1905. The leak filled the previously dried sea bed for 2 years before engineers could fix it, thus creating a 15×35 mile desert oasis. So now we have a lake in a desert, which means one thing, tourism. The Salton Sea became a hot spot for vacationers in the 60’s and 70’s. Towns were built, water was being used, water prices were being driven up, and here is where things get a little hazy. The Salton Sea lies 227 feet below sea level meaning the entire surrounding valley is relatively fertile land. All the regions water funnels to this low point, which attracted farmers even before the lake was mistakenly created. These farmers certainly didn’t like the fact that their water prices were skyrocketing, that their way of life was being threatened by weekenders on the lake. So, intentionally or not, the surrounding farms run off water slowly polluted this desert sea. A couple big floods in the late 70’s essentially destroyed the surrounding tourist towns, and the dream was over….for most. However, the unfortunate reality for permanent residents was that they had sunk their money into a home on a lake that had lost it’s luster. They had started a family here, on a lake that should have never been. Things got worse.
The Saton Sea is a salt water lake that continues to gain salinity each year, and hot salt water is not conducive to aquatic life. Very little oxygen is in this H2O, causing massive fish die outs every balmy August. By massive I mean 750 million. Yearly. The beach is not sand, it is pulverized and sun dried fish bones. The entire thing. Almost as disturbing as this die out is the ecosystem that it has created. Tilapia are about the only surviving fish, and as they wash up and die, their fertile bodies feed an algae that grows on the lake. This algae feeds the surviving fish, helping repopulate the lake for the next summer die out. It smells awful. Of course this also effects the bird population as they consume these sick fish. Avian botulism runs rampant in these parts.
So what about the people? Anyone with other options seems to have left. Bombay Beach, once a thriving tourist paradise is now filled with deserted mobile homes and delapidated structures. There are still residents, there is a store, I bought a water there. I did not feel welcome. I shouldn’t be. These people have been forgotten and I was there to see the misery that is their town.
No one really knows what to do with this place. The lake is drying up to the tune of 5 feet per year. Run off is no longer keeping pace with evaporation. If it dries off there are worries about what is on the bottom. 100 years of farm chemicals coat the bed of the Salton and If these hit direct sunlight and burn what kind of gasses are released? Will it make the luxurious adjacent town of Palm Springs dangerously uninhabitable?
It was a mistake. The whole thing. Unfortunately, this is one that science and technology have not yet found a way to fix. Salton City, Bombay Beach, all of the towns built here should have never been, and now they look post-apocalyptic, abandoned. Is this the future of LA? Phoenix? Vegas? Unsustainable cities on their own that so many people now call home.
Again, I don’t know these answers. I do know that it has rained maybe 4 times in LA in the last year and nothing is stopping me from taking a 15 hour shower right now. We seem to have a very childish attitude towards the health of our Earth, if we ignore it, hopefully it will be fine. The Salton Sea is not fine.