That’s Yucky

I have some issues with germs. I do certain things that would be considered at the very least borderline OCD. If I have not had a chance to wash my hands properly and get caught hungry and in need of sustenance, I will hold the food I am about to consume gingerly at one corner and eat everything but the bite I touched. This might be considered “weird” by some.
Understood. I get that.
However, what I can’t comprehend, what makes no sense to me whatsoever is how some people choose to handle their sneeze.
It is natural, sneezes happen, and you need to let it out, do it. But remember, sneezes go everywhere, so precautions need to be made. step 1: please, please cover them up…great, most people are pretty good at this…step 2: don’t cover them up with your bare hands and then wipe your snotty hands on stuff.
Since sitting at this coffee shop where I am currently trying to do work, I have seen 3 people sneeze into their hand and then wipe said hand on an article of clothing they are wearing. This is gross. This is also preventing me from doing what I am supposed to be doing because I am focusing on where those hands are going next and making a mental note of not touching whatever has been contaminated. Yes, I am ADD and OCD, it is a really great combination.
These people are not kids.
How does an adult, that I can only assume has sneezed before, decide to sneeze into their own hand unless the immediate next move is to wash up? Cough into your sleeve or a kleenex, the same goes for sneezes. Sure, getting snot on the elbow pit of your shirt sucks too, but it’s your shirt and grabbing someones sleeve is not a common greeting, anywhere, I don’t think.
We all need to just fist bump, or hug, no more shaking hands. Yeah, hugs might spread boogers too, but at least hugs are awesome.
Here is a slow-mo video of what happens when you sneeze. I am hoping it legitimizes my rant.