Go SF Giants!!!!

“Holy fucking shit!!!”
Full of excitement and happiness, I felt like I needed to immediately destroy something. I took a hose, siphoned the gas out of my exceptionally efficient modified Prius (80+ mpg with a GForce chip and removal of the rear seats), and filled my spare succulent terrarium with the flammable fossil fuel.
Other than the sale of my most recent web based application being purchased for way over market value by an entity that was just bought out by Facebook, this is the best thing that has happened to me all month.
I threw on my American made conflict free hoodie, Tom’s shoes, and ran into the mayhem.
“YEAAAHHHHHH! We did it!”
Weaving through the overturned Smart cars in the street, I made my way to the blaze in the middle of Mission and 19th. I threw in my contribution of literal fuel, a fireball went up and everyone went wild!!! I thought ‘This is AMAZING!! But, remember to donate $200 to 350.org to offset the CO2 you just released into the environment.’
Then I screamed out “SOMEONE STAB SOMEONE!!!” and they did.

I love baseball. Yes, I am a Royals fan, but I lived in SF for 5 years and that is an AMAZING city….why oh why do we celebrate a victory like this? It’s gross.
My sports team from my city won!! RIOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!!
….That was an absolutely amazing series though.