7th grade mentality

Guys, I love rollin’ coal. What better way is there to stand up to our president, who is ruining the country we love, than by modifying our trucks, to literally ruin the county we love? It’s legal, it’s awesome, fuck you.
Whoever thought of this super intelligent way to stand up to Obummer followed great American thinkers like George Washington, and the guys that brought assault rifles into a Chipotle.
Whatever Kenyan Bot Obum says, I do the opposite. In a non creative, not well thought out, hurtful way to myself and others.
How else do I protest this presidency?
During “Earth Hour”, you know, the hour where we are all supposed to not use electricity? Yeah, I support the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute and celebrate “Human achievement hour” instead. I crank my dryer to high heat, blast Ted Nugent as loud as possible, and dance in between my space heater and air conditioner, both on max.
Some people are scared to speak up. Not me. I will take a stand like the patriot Cliven Bundy. Now, Clive might owe millions in taxes. Ol’ Clive might also have been warned about the repercussions of his illegal grazing for years, decades even. But, that does not mean the Commander in Thief can come in and take Clives cattle even though these cattle represent a very small portion of the money Cliven has stolen and are grazing far from the small parcel of land Bundy actually owns. We will start a war, with women and children dying first!
Why? Because I am an American, and I have freedom of speech! I just happen to use my freedom of speech to not necessary reflect a personal view, but rather to vehemently oppose the view of anyone I have been told I should hate.
If Obama banned me from shooting myself in the face, I would shoot myself in the face.
So go ahead and do it.
Seriously, do it.

I don’t really want people to shoot themselves in the face.
The current mentality on both sides of our abhorrent 2 party political system reminds me of 7th grade. Not the good part where I aced a (1) Bonnie Schulkin history test, the bad part. The part where kids are just barely smart enough to really push your buttons, but can only do it in a super immature way. You are self conscious about your teeth? Then I’m going to talk only about your crooked grill. You are afraid of snakes? Great! Rubber snakes in your locker and backpack will be a regular occurrence.
A reaction by just jumping to the polar opposite side of an argument is not a counter, it generally tends to only weaken your position.
If you don’t agree with a policy or decisions that are made, by all means speak your mind. Protest, show your anger, but make sense. Formulate your argument, think about what you are trying to accomplish and the point you are trying to get across. Don’t just blow smoke, it makes you look like an ignorant asshole.