Let Mitt Quit.

I feel terrible for Mitt Romney. I know, he is extraordinarily wealthy, has a big happy family, and seems to be a good fella with a positive outlook on life (Check out the documentary “Mitt”). What is there to feel bad about?
It is 2014, and Mitt is 2 years removed from a painful, unsuccessful, presidential run…….oh, right, he is also 6 years out of another presidential battle. One is which he not only lost in the GOP primary, but was also ousted as McCain’s potential VP when the bright spotlight came down on a horribly uninformed governor from Alaska.
Mitt is a loser. I mean, presidentially speaking. He seems to be a bit John Kerryesque in that a seat in the oval office is all that would make him happy. But, after 2 extremely heartbreaking and wearing campaigns, a 3rd run is out of the question, right?
I think wrong.
Mitt currently sits, without any effort on his own part, as the best Republican candidate for the 2016 election. Why?
Let’s take a look at the competition.
Until recently, Chris Christie had a legitimate chance at a presidential bid. “Bridgegate” lead to more allegations of corruption by the governor, and then the hot button term “bully” was thrown in there to describe the once very popular NJ governor. Exactly what happened in the Fort Lee lane closure is not totally clear. Some aides have quit, some have been fired, but what is much more defined are Christie’s poll numbers. Pre-scandal, January 2013, Christie had 73% of New Jersey’s registered voters behind him. As of March 2014, his approval rating had dropped to 41%.
Who else is in the mix?
Rick Perry? No. Your new glasses don’t save your old stupid mouth.
Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan? Maybe. However these are all very polarizing candidates. All or nothing candidates. The type of candidate that could say something at any given encounter that would completely throw their campaign off the tracks. See Herman Cain: “we need a leader, not a reader” or “How do you say delicious in Cuban?”.
Mitt is safe. Sure, there was the 47% statement, and it was awful, but it was said in a private setting where his comment played to the audience. Mitt’s assumption was that it would stay there, it didn’t.
The only truly awful public appearance Romney had was when he asked a group of black constituents, “Who let the dogs out? Who who?”
So, yes, these are both pretty terrible. Nonetheless, Romney is still the safest choice.
Which is why despite losing 2 elections, despite seeming robotic and making statements that are completely out of touch with reality, Romney is still listed as a favorite for the 2016 election.
How could Romney possibly address a 3rd campaign? Even trying to explain his platform would be difficult.
“Yes, I still stand for the same things. Yeah, I remember the last 2 elections. Vote for Romney!”
I couldn’t imagine that Mitt will actually go for this, and I hope that ALL of the current candidates take a back seat to better ones. The fact is that in order to be successful in this age of politics, you have to be corruptible. You can’t get the proper funding to win an election without either taking advantage of the system or helping someone take advantage of the system. I like the idea of a less experienced politician being our leader. Politicians have proven time and time again that they are, for the most part, horrific.
So please, for the sanity of the Romney family, for the opportunity of a good leader to not be washed aside by the money of a big campaign, let Mitt Quit.
Also, I can’t listen to him speak anymore, he is super boring.