Preemptive strike

Things fall apart, we scramble, attempt to fix, and repeat. This describes our financial system, our health care system, quite possibly our political system in the near future, and more importantly, the world. As in the entire physical world, Earth.
We fly by the seat of our pants and figure that whatever the outcome, we will find a way to land on our feet.
But here is the thing though, what if we can’t?
The average US household is in debt $7115, 35% of Americans are obese and underinsured, our corporations have little to no oversight/repercussions for wrecking the environment/financial systems, and all of this just reminds me of a 90’s anti drug commercial where a dad realizes that his own habits have rubbed off on his son: “From you alright? I learned it from watching you!”.

The US is currently in debt $17 trillion, and in spite of this horrifically irresponsible spending, our government seems to get very little done. We, as American individuals, follow suit.

Our government is not proactive with anything, literally anything, except war. Now I am not a fan of conflict, but under the Bush administration 4 elements were put into place to define the necessity of a preemptive strike. They were not necessarily followed, but in theory using these elements as a jumping off point would help you get to a logical conclusion.

They are:
1. The nature and magnitude of the threat involved;
2. The likelihood that the threat will be realized unless preemptive action is taken;
3. The availability and exhaustion of alternatives to using force; and
4. Whether using preemptive force is consistent with the terms and purposes of the U.N. Charter and other applicable international agreements.

Number 4 is pretty war specific, but wouldn’t it be great if the first 3 items were brought into topics like: healthcare and preventative medicine, oversight of corporations and political entities, energy and the environment, education, poverty….and when we realize there is a problem we hit it with a preemptive strike? Our current alternative seems to be waiting for a collapse and putting a band aid on it.
The Affordable Care Act, although not wildly popular and certainly far from perfect, at least made an attempt to fix something that would have only become worse, a “threat that would be realized”, but the number one thing on my mind currently is the environment.
In case you have not seen the newest report from the IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: a scientific intergovernmental body under the auspices of the United Nations, set up at the request of member governments) there are a lot of concerns, but there really shouldn’t be. I mean there should be because there are, but we have the science and ability to avoid fracking and building another pipeline, to grow crops without chemicals, to make a more efficient…… everything.
However, most, if not all, of the decisions in Washington are made with money, and money don’t give a fuck about the environment.
We currently live in a society where it is somehow easier to make plastic, pour that plastic into a mold, create a fork, ship that fork to thousands of different restaurants, eat with it once, toss it in the trash, get a truck to drive that trash to a bigger dump, and have that plastic utensil sit there for possibly literally ever than to just eat with a regular fork, wash it, and reuse it. I mean……right?
Not everything is disposable, waste is not inevitable. You don’t have to be a tree hugging hippy to believe this. More importantly if you want to leave this Earth a better place for your sons and daughters and have Earth be here for your grandsons and granddaughters, realize that something needs to be done. Obviously a lot needs to happen on a global level, but you can start on your own with something like this. Also, drive a reasonable car.