I have focusing issues. I like to start things and never come close to completing them. I like to think of ideas or inventions that seem smart, tell other people about them, and regardless of how good or how bad the individual thinks my ideas are, I react the exact same way and make a haphazard minimally researched advance to a certain incomplete point.
I say I “like” these things because I continue to do them, so I must. Here is the truth though, I don’t. This is not how I want to function. It is actually the number one frustration I have with myself. So, I am going to change it, and here is how. Stay with me on this, contrary to what I said before, this is actually going somewhere.
Energy is a finite resource, guys it’s true.
The first law of energy is that it can never be created or destroyed. The total amount of energy in the universe is a constant. We receive energy from the sun, so the amount of energy on Earth may change, but the sun is burning out, so as a universe, our energy is still constant.
What exactly does that mean?
First of all it makes the Superman comic/movies a lot more realistic, you know, because he gets his strength from the sun, but it also means that humans are in the rare position where we can run out of energy, and refuel. Oxygen, food, sleep, Monster energy drinks, all of these options are afforded to us, in one way or another, by the sun. However, over the course of time, generally a day, we have a finite amount of energy to use before we need to recharge our cells. In order to use this energy wisely, I have created a sandwich analogy. A delicious peanut better and jelly sandwich analogy.
Imagine that Peanut Butter and Jelly are your energy, and the bread is your to-do list, ideas, or things you want to explore.
With these items, you can certainly make one good sandwich. Maybe you have a little more PB&J in your fridge and you want to make a few sandwiches, fine. As long as they all have the proper amount of peanut butter and jelly, that’s great, good for you.
Here is what I do:
I pull out every slice of bread in the bag at once, then I start spreading these two condiments wildly across the pieces. Somewhere along the line I start ripping the bread into smaller pieces and knock over the jar of jelly, spilling half of it watching Ken Griffy Jr. highlights on youtube and emulating his swing in my living room. At the end of the day I am left with a lot of tiny sandwiches that suck, and two empty jars. I could try and put the pieces together and make a decent meal out of it, but I need more jelly and PB to avoid a terrible dry sandwich, and I just don’t have it.
Instead of having 8 good, maybe great, sandwiches from this once fresh loaf of bread, I am left with inedible frustration and more work. I sometimes go back and put another dab of jelly on there, maybe even put a sandwich completely back together, but most of these little pieces go stale, so I rip open another bag and repeat. I have plenty of bread, I think most people do. It’s managing those gosh damn condiments.
The correct way to make a PB&J is: two slices, a lot of peanut butter, a lot of jelly. Heck, maybe you even throw a banana in there, but it is all about proportions.
Do one thing, do it right, move on. This is a simple life lesson most of you probably picked up in 2nd grade. If you did, go fuck yourself. I just now, like 4 days ago, figured it out.