I wrote 2012 on my rent check two months ago, and here we are, 2014.
Another year has sprung upon us and new goals need to be set.
I have used New Year’s resolutions as a bit of a cop out the last few go arounds. 2011 I stopped eating an entire box of cereal for breakfast, 2012 I set the goal of running up every staircase I needed to climb, 2013 I vowed better posture. These were actual goals, ones that I accomplished, but meaningless in the grand scheme of things and obviously, not very challenging. Sure, I don’t have a disgusting eating habit anymore, I force childlike energy into myself when ascending to the second floor of a building and I no longer sit like a caveman, but none of these are life altering.
2014 is another clean slate, an opportunity for change. Make a resolution, even if you think they are dumb, and when asked about it, state you goals. Any other time of year if someone were to ask you point blank what your shortcomings are and how you want to improve, it would be weird, and/or potentially offensive. This is the time to say it out loud and give weight and accountability to everything you want to accomplish.
So while I am going to continue keeping my goals from previous years, I am shooting higher for these next 12 months:

-Be able to hold full conversations in Spanish
-Take classes on coding and real estate (not related in case you were trying to tie these together somehow)

Your turn.


161 thoughts on “Resolution(s)”

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