We make us look bad

Supply and demand. This is our world. Whatever you purchase, do or watch, the worth of the activity/item is determined by this simple formula. We have abstract value in stocks, absolute value in cash, perceived value in gems and precious stones….the list goes on. There is a market value for literally everything in this world. Yes, you can sell that Hypercolor shirt from 1993. You can actually sell it for an astonishing amount.
But cash is just paper, gold is just a mineral, and the entire financial market is black magic.
I like to have nice stuff, but it is still just stuff. I like a chair to be comfortable, I like my music to sound good, and I like my food to be completely free of pink slime. My nice stuff does not include a 1.9 million dollar custom made diamond with a trip to Namibia to see where it came from. No one needs to get me that for Christmas. No one needs to get anyone that for Christmas, but that isn’t stopping Neiman Marcus from offering it in their holiday catalog.
This is obviously not my thing. I would have a hard time telling a diamond apart from a shattered passenger side car window, but this stone in particular has a worth way beyond reasonable.
Here is why:
Diamonds are formed over the course of billions of years, and only a few of them make it from the center of the Earth to the surface. To date, only 700lbs have ever been mined, or at least recorded as being mined. Of those mined, only about half of them are rated as “gem quality”, and most of those are smaller than a match head.
So yeah, they are rare. But it is just a mineral. It’s really cool and amazing that carbon atoms form bonds to other carbon atoms creating the hardest known natural material in the world. But, the value we have placed on this stone, as humans, is skewed.
We don’t NEED stuff.
For those that can afford a 1.9 million dollar diamond/trip, great. I hope that hard work earned you the right to purchase such a luxurious item, but don’t do it. You could do a lot of good with that money, but even if you don’t do good with it, just don’t buy that. It’s insulting to humans as a whole. If an alien population came to Earth and saw what you just spent currency on, and compared the difference in lifestyle between the people mining that diamond and the person who wears it on their hand, it would make our entire human race look bad.
Aliens would just shake their heads in disgust at all of us.
Is that what you want Neiman Marcus?
I for one, do not.


He found a small token, picked it up, and threw it down the slot of the nearest machine. Nothing, nothing, nothing.
He sighed.
In a slump Jack stuffed his hands into his pockets and slowly turned towards the open door.
Jack spun back with complete jubilation on his face. He pushed the footstool flush against the machine, climbed up, and starting thrashing the well worn joystick around.
Jack didn’t know what he was doing, he didn’t need to. He was controlling an animated fighter on a machine after paying his entry with an object he had moments ago found on the floor. It was a treasure. It was 45 seconds of overstimulated bliss. Jack smashed buttons furiously to no avail. As he watched his own fighter receive a life taking blow, he smiled. Not because he lost, but because he had a chance to do something he had never done before. Because he experienced something.
Jack is you. What he did today is life.
Some things you work hard for, others fall into your lap. On a grand scale our existence can’t even be explained, on a smaller scale, everything you see and do is just super fucking cool.

What the !!!! do you know? Yeah? !!!! you.

Our country is falling apart and it is 100% the presidents fault….sorry, no, I meant the blame is 100% on the GOP. Shit, that is not right either. I am pretty sure it is all Justin Bieber’s fault. Uggghhh, I just want to be furious with someone RIGHT NOW so give me a viewpoint that seems plausible and I’ll stand by it.
This sound about right? There seem to be some very misguided arguments being tossed around, but either way you look at it, we are in a mess.
Our congress currently has an approval rating of 10%. This is unacceptable. In any other industry or business an employee with a 10% approval rating would be fired, or in the rare democratic workplace, voted out. However, most of us are not informed enough about what our congresspeople stand for, so we vote down party lines because as a whole, we believe one side to be better than the other. This is why our congress men and women have a 90% incumbency rate to go along with a 10% approval rating.
Let me state that I am probably not any better than any of you at following an individual candidates viewpoints, but because of our fierce division at a micro level our representatives refuse to give up ground in a much more important setting. You know, the one where they make our countries legislation. Our elected officials are making decisions based solely on the party they represent because they know that in doing so there is a 90% chance their constituents will re-elect them into a well paying cush job with great benefits. Unfortunately that is what matters. If a staunch republican district from Tennessee catches wind that their congressman supported Obama’s socialist health care bill, well, political career over.
Our congress is no longer a representation of the people. It is, for the most part, a group of self serving cowards.
There are plusses and minuses to The Health Care Reform Act or Obamacare. Overall, I think it is a good program. Sure, there will likely need to be some tweaks, but our health care system as it stands is very sub-par and I am glad that at one point both sides agreed to do something about it. It was refreshing to see a big decision made that didn’t involve sending troops into battle. It made me think that even through this division, there are people looking to make things better. Then we had a total shutdown, and I thought to myself “What an optimistic dipshit loser I am”.