Guns don’t kill people, wait, yeah, they do.

After the horrific shooting last week in Colorado we are once again left with a gun law debate. One side the argument is that we should have guns taken away from citizens and the other end of the argument is if our gun laws were adjusted so that carrying a concealed weapon were legal, James Holmes would not have done the damage that he did.
These are the extreme sides of the spectrum obviously, but why are we so in love with weapons? The second amendment is such a fascinating piece of our constitution because it is probably the most dated article in our founding document. We had just fought a war freeing ourselves from British rule. We did so by arming our citizens with weapons to take down the redcoats. Owning weapons was not allowed under British rule, and under fear that this may not be over, in these United States, we had the right to bear arms.
It meant that we will stand up for ourselves, that united we would stand against anyone that came against us. We were the small dog in the fight in our revolutionary war, but we had a lot of fight. This right was something that kept us together as one and defined our fire and grit.
Guns are used in a much different manner now. They don’t hold us together, quite the opposite really. We use this right against each other, 9000 times in 2011 that resulted in death. And it’s not just the actual shootings. We also use this 2nd amendment against each other politically, causing further polarization in this country.
Our founding fathers were very wise, but they were not psychics. They made smart decisions for their present, some of those decisions have held the test of time, the 2nd is not one of them.
Technology has moved us well beyond the one shot musket, and the redcoats are no longer a threat. However, instead of making this realization and curbing gun use, we make laws going in the other direction. Essentially what we are saying is “other people have guns, so you should have more”.

God or Gods or none?

Christianity preaches the word of the bible, Judaism is based on the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh, Islam is based on the Qur’an, Taoism, Jainism, Confucianism, Zoroastrianism, Baha’i, Wicca, all of our worlds major religions have specific texts that give their followers a base line to their faith. However, the principles of atheists and agnostics do not have one such work. Their beliefs are essentially a lack of beliefs or in the case of agnostics, a lack of evidence to support a belief.
This leaves atheists as the least trustworthy group of Americans according to a University of Michigan study.
It seems to follow the quote “stand for something, or you will fall for anything.”….which apparently is attributed to many people including Alexander Hamilton and Malcolm X.
So why can’t atheists stand for something? Just because they don’t believe in God or Gods does not mean they don’t have a moral compass or some idea on how to live a virtuous life.
Organized religion has ruffled a lot of feathers over the years, and by ruffled feathers I mean killed millions, how is that any better?
I believe there should be an umbrella religion, one that everyone can find at the top of their religious belief pyramid. The religion of Earth. It states: “We are all flying around on this giant ball together, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing (80% of what we know is dark matter which is still undefined), so let’s make this ride the best we possibly can while we are here. So, don’t be a dick. The end.”
Obviously if we encounter beings from another realm of the universe, we will have to redefine our religion, but until then, I think this will suffice.

More jobless folks

Technology improves life. Technology also takes jobs. Two true statements. While there are certainly a lot of employment opportunities created in the tech sector, our automated systems and increased efficiency have reduced necessary man hours while making some positions completely obsolete. The thing is that technology keeps going, so what other jobs will be eliminated? There are machines in Japan that will give you an eye exam. Your prescription comes out like a sheet of pictures from an arcade photo booth. Optometry is a very respected profession. Is this the future of it?

“Hey doc, you are all done. Yeah, that thing you went to school for and have been practicing for years? Well, it’s over. Machines do it now.”

The rate that technology is moving makes this seem very possible, and if I am a 20 year old considering this career path, I would reconsider.
Today I read another article insinuating the end of visits to the dentist. Apparently there is a new chemical called “Keep 32” that will essentially make your teeth cavity proof. Yes! I can finally sleep with Jolly Ranchers stuck in my molars. Something like this has to cause long term damage that is unknown to us at this point, but projections put this chemical on the market in 14-18 months. My dear Dr. Bunton will be out of business, as will many other dentists. At least in theory.
Unintended consequence? Everyone will have really bad breath. Without the fear of dentists drilling into your teeth and digging at your gums, why bother brushing? Flossing? This world will be a hot breath of nastiness and there is a fair chance that kissing will be eliminated forever. Thanks a lot “Keep 32”.
Either that or I am going to capitalize by putting all my money into Certs, Tic Tacs, and Big League Chew. Cause if I am not worried about cavities, I am buying pouches of Big League Chew in bulk. That shit is amazing.