For those of you that missed it, Jimmy Kimmel made an amazing speech at the White House correspondents dinner last week. It was awkward, no holds barred, and pretty much made fun of everyone in the room. This is really impressive for a 20 minute speech to a packed house. While totally entertaining, the jabs made in Kimmel’s speech make me wonder who picked him for this event, if they ever watched his show, and how much of his monologue was read beforehand. Kimmel is a comedian and people should be able to see that he is being comical, but his on topic jokes could very easily be misconstrued. The room is at times filled with nervous laughter, and some of the zoom in’s are really fantastic. While Kimmel did an amazing job, the weirdness he brought to this event does not compare to Stephen Colbert’s speech from the 2006 dinner. Attached you will find both for your pleasure, enjoy.