I came across this today and found it hilarious and saddening, which is a weird combination of feelings. US media tends to make huge deals over nothing, while big issues are of little importance. We have troops in military engagements in 3 countries, tensions in China and North Korea, and all sorts of financial/economic issues at home, and here are today’s headlines:

MSNBC- “6 year old nails it at spelling bee”
FOX- “Report: Calif. 9/11 fund raided to fill budget gaps”
ABC- “Eagle Scout Challenges Boy Scouts Anti-gay policy”
CNN- “Why Facebook Threatens Us”

Don’t get me wrong, I will read at least part of these articles, they sound interesting, but they are not front page news. These are not the most important things going on in the world. However, as American news readers, this is what we are fed. While in international news…

BBC headline: “UN confirms new killings in Syria”

Thus, making this poster even more hilarious, and saddening.

Your gay hero

So Obama approves of gay marriage and everyone else jumps on, even fictional characters. DC comics announced today that one of it’s superheros will come out of the closet, and it has been specified that it will be a “major character”. I love comic book heros, so I feel the need to really analyze this. The obvious choice is Robin, but it is pretty much assumed he is already gay so that is too easy. Batman would be a shock because he is portrayed as such a womanizer, but maybe that is just it, he is trying to repress his feelings and prove to others how hetero he is. Superman is extremely well groomed, handsome, and fit, but what about Lois? A cover up? Aquaman, The Green Latern, and The Flash are the only “major” ones left…except for Wonder Woman. Let me specify that those dots are because I think of Wonder Woman as Lynda Carter, not the animated version. I am not a total weirdo, just weird. Are we going to have the first lesbian superhero? Maybe she gets caught with another woman in her invisible jet? Maybe the other woman is Supergirl. Ok, this whole article makes me feel like a complete nerd, but am flashing back to 4th grade and I can literally smell my comic books as I type this. I apologize. Just thought it was interesting.

Terminal Velocity

I always knew I was kind of a pussy, and the information I found out today really just hammered that fact home. I jumped out of a plane once, a tandem jump from 15,000 feet and it was exhilarating. I was a little scared when the door of the plane opened, but I am glad I did it. Today I read an article about the highest free fall ever at 102,800 feet. Holy shitballs. That is around 3 times as high as you are when you fly back home to see mom and dad. Well now some yahoo named Felix Bombgardner is about to go higher. 2 Fun facts I learned from this: 1. At 65,000 feet the air pressure will literally make your blood boil. 2. Felix is expecting that he will break the sound barrier. Apparently terminal velocity can be exceeded if you get in the right aerodynamic shape. This is certainly pushing it to the limit, and quite honestly, it looks pretty awesome.

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Facebook is going to make billionaires, save our stock market, possibly the world, and we owe it all to Mark Zuckerberg. You may be able to read the thick sarcasm in that sentence, and I hope it does not sound like bitter jealousy, but rather, moderate jealousy. Of course I wish my idea was used by millions and afforded a life of luxury for myself and anyone near a wide radius of me, but what is upsetting are the accolades that Zuckerberg receives. Facebook has changed the way many people interact, but it was just an improved version of other social networking sites combined with ideas Zuckerberg stole from others, and then fine tuned in his own brain. I understand this same formula has been used for many successful organizations, but everyone knows who Zuckerberg is, tell me the CEO of IKEA. Some of this frustration is coming off the coat tails of Steve Jobs death. Jobs certainly followed this formula of stealing ideas and crafting them into his own, but upon his death flowers were left at Apple stores, people were in mourning. This was for a man they never met and someone that has proven to be a total asshole in regular life while building his fortune on the back of Chinese child labor. Yes,he made some great products, beyond innovative, but the man has been memorialized as a saint, and he is far from worthy. I guess what bothers me is the misplaced admiration. Admire them for their work, the product, foresight, and follow through, but that is where it should end. When bronzed in the media, they become an inspiration to others, and the representation is “whatever it takes, whoever you hurt”.