That is a combined sound of frustration and disgust. Let me address the frustration part of this first, because the disgust is so damn disgusting I kind of don’t want to address it at all. As we Americans are well aware of, we have a serious problem in our public education system. Not at the university level so much, but from 12th grade down. Many of our schools are severely overcrowded so that even the best of teachers struggle to get their point across, which leaves the worst of our teachers useless. If you have not watched the documentary “Waiting for Superman”, I highly recommend it. It is an absolutely heartbreaking look at our public education system, but with a glimmer of hope. One thing that really stuck with me was the information about our teachers unions. I realize that unions are formed to fight for the rights of those they represent, but somewhere along the way the teachers unions (the 2 most influential being the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers) have became far too powerful. If you have never heard of “rubber rooms” let me give you a brief overview, then look into it further if you feel the need. Rubber rooms are essentially office spaces where teachers that have been accused of some form of misconduct are sent. This “misconduct” can range from sexual, abuse, or just complete ineptitude. These teachers clock in regular school hours, and get paid for them. 8-3, with summers off. They sit and sleep, read, play games, do whatever they want, as long as they stay in the room for their required shift. Last year there were over 600 teachers clocking time in these rooms….just in NYC. 600 salaries paid to people like Mark Berndt, who was recently accused of spoon feeding blindfolded students his semen. Yes, so we are jumping into the disgust portion of this. This mother$#^%#$% @#!hole was charged with 23 counts of lewd conduct, and justly fired. Berndt challenged his dismissal, and has been paid $3891/month since last February. This is not an accusation, there are photos and video to back up what this “educator” was doing. Also, because he challenged, and was then never officially fired, he will retain lifetime health benefits. Oh, he also does not lose his pension. So this is what our unions are standing up for? The right for pedophiles and complete scum to live comfortably, get paid for doing nothing, and not worry about a steady income for the rest of their lives? And if you are a great teacher you get nothing better? In any society this is an absolute injustice, but in our current state with so many hard working people struggling to get things in order, it literally hurts my head to process.