What is really happening?

The US is completely screwed. Everyone is unemployed, broke, unhealthy, and our prosperous nation is going down the tubes. This is the information I gather by watching 10 minutes of any news program. But statistically it doesn’t add up. Our current unemployment rate is 8.6%. During The Great Depression US unemployment hit 25% (1933). But let’s take this 8.6% and compare it to numbers a little more recent. Going back a decade to 2001, the unemployment rate was 5.7%. The US population in 2001 was 285.1 million, currently our country’s population is 311.8 million. Which means our population increase in that decade was 9.1%. So the population increased 9% while unemployment only increased 3%. I realize that these 10 year olds are not currently in the work force, but the fact is that it is easier to make people than jobs and population has been on the rise since the dawn of civilization (except for a brief hiatus due to the black plague). So, with a 6% increase in the job market over that time, the US was still growing. Steering away from these statistics that may or may not make any sense to you, lets talk about crime. When things get bad, people go bad. Crime rates tend to spike in poor economic situations, but contrary to our situation crime rates have dropped, significantly. In 2011 violent crime dropped 6.4%, and robberies decreased 7.7%. So what is really going on? News organizations trying to fill time? Political agendas? Or are things really just bad? In my opinion, two of those questions can be answered with a confident “yes”. I realize that there are a lot of people struggling out there, but this is not new, people have always struggled, the difference is that now technology allows us to see all these struggles. There is good out there too.

why police get a bad reputation

Our boys in blue are a necessary part of our society, and overall they do more good than harm. But, there are some members of this group that abuse their authority in such a grotesque way that they really are nothing other than career bully’s. This video is absolutely enraging because the people we pay “to protect and serve” are literally picking a fight with a bunch of tourists. This officer is 100% wrong, and I think he knows it. He sounds like a struggling parent when he tries to explain exactly what they are doing wrong. Officers that do their job properly don’t ever have youtube videos posted about them, and that is unfortunate, because all we see is the bad. These officers are the bad. It is also incomprehensible to me that they took the actions they did knowing that they are surrounded by cameras. This is not a “point of view” thing, or “out of context”, this is just fucked up and completely uncalled for.

This is about Tebow, sorry.

I hate to write about Tim Tebow, but I can’t help myself. There are daily articles asking how Tebow has a 6-1 record as a starter despite, essentially, being a really bad quarterback. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the Denver defense has given up a paltry 15.8 points per game during this run, it also doesn’t hurt that the D has scored 5 defensive touchdowns this season, but many are claiming a higher power is the reason for the Bronco’s success. Take for instance this article below titled “Bronco’s winning streak is due to ‘God’s” favor”. So, God cares about football? It is a pretty great game, but I would think he would hate players abusing the bodies he made for them. So, maybe Tebow is being used as a vessel for God and football has nothing to do with it. If that is the case, then God hates all the other players? Certainly there are many other NFL players on a religious par with Tim Tebow, and they want to win games too. How do they get in “God’s favor”? If you watch interviews with Tebow you will see that he is a seemingly good dude, you can’t blame him for the medias stretching of his ability, and the fact that his is winning makes him an appropriate fan favorite, but making him out to be more than that is a reach. Enjoy the game for what it is.

Holy Shark!

Great White sharks seem like prehistoric beasts. I have never seen one in person, but I am certainly terrified of them due to overblown media coverage and fear enhancing movies like Jaws. I would probably pee my pants, or swimsuit, if I saw a 3 foot baby great white swimming anywhere within view of me. But, if I were one of the fisherman in North Carolina that came across this 18 footer, that pee would likely become much worse. Holy $%&#*&$% shark.