On October 31st, 2011 our world population hit 7 billion with the birth of a baby girl in the Philippines. How a specific individual to reach that number was determined is well beyond my comprehension, but if I were a gambling man, which I am, I would have put my money on number 7 billion coming straight from the womb of Michelle Duggar. The Duggar’s are currently parents to 19 children, and Michelle and her husband Jim Bob just announced that they are pregnant with number 20. This announcement was doubly exciting because it was during the same week as the birth of their 2nd grandchild. Their first grandchild is 2. First let me point out the weird scenario of having a grandchild 2 years older than your child. Second, I think it is totally irresponsible to have this many kids. Earth’s population hit 6 billion in 1999, in 12 years, 1 billion more people have been scattered across our globe. If everyone spewed out children like this family, all of our resources would be used up by 2020. Adding to the certain dysfunctional environment the Duggar parents have created, all 19 kids have names that start with the letter “J”. These poor kids. I think this is not the last we will hear of the Duggar name….unfortunately.