You are kidding me, right?

Nope, not kidding. A hot new book has been released detailing the events of 9/11, the war on terror, and concluding with the death of Osama Bin Laden. The book, titled “We shall never forget 9/11: A Kid’s Book of Freedom” is a heartwarming….wait….what? A Kid’s Book of Freedom? Oh, it’s a children’s coloring book. That..makes…sense?…No, no it doesn’t. We have organizations protecting our kids from everything on this earth, but somehow this is publishable? Coloring books are not only for kids, they are for very young kids. I am pretty sure I quit coloring around age 7. I have always been pretty mature, obviously, but this material is something I would’ve had a hard time digesting at that age. Muslims are upset, rightfully so, I am too. Looking back I remember books with age inappropriate items in them, but they were not about a significant real life event. The content was fiction, and the context was only from the material, and whatever else I conjured up my own mind. Our current world is largely shaped by the events of 9/11, and while children should have knowledge of it, racially insensitive coloring book activities portraying a stereotype should not be the way they are educated. Also, it was published in my home state…awesome.

Space Diamonds!!!!

6 months too late! We cancelled our space program and NOW we find amazing space diamonds!!? Whenever I hear about discoveries in the vast realm of unknown we live in, I can’t help but smile. We can define 4% of everything we know….96% is dark matter which we still can’t grasp the true concept of. So, that tiny piece of shit that your neighbors dog left in your yard….not important. Relax. We are just a sliver of something that through all of our technology and “intelligence” we can’t come anywhere near explaining.

Car farts

As you wait for an idling car to vacate its parking spot, is your own car cringing? The exhaust from the other vehicle is filling the space where you are about to park, gross right? I think this is the car equivalent to sitting on a toilet right after someone has taken a number 2.

Can we punch this guy in the testicles until he dies?

10,000 people believe that Warren Jeffs is God’s voice on earth. 10,000 people? Warren Jeffs was the “leader” of a fundamental sect representing the Mormon church, he was also a horrific human being that essentially justified his pedophilia by claiming to be a messenger of God. He somehow convinced fathers to give their pre-teen daughters to him in order to “atone for their sins”. How does allowing a 55 year old to rape your daughter atone for anything? The brainwashing that occurs in the name of higher powers is so aggravating, frustrating, upsetting……..genuinely maddening. I want to tie this guy to a chair and make him feel the worst pain possible. Jail is way too good for him, although I am sure there are people in there that feel the same way I do. Oddly enough, that makes me feel better. See if you can get through this article without squirming, clenching your fists, or thinking about violent things you want to do to this man that you can’t believe actually came from your head.