You want an athlete to look up to? Here he is.

After beating out 7 other students in a college scholarship free throw competition worth $40,000, 18 year old Allan Guei decided to give the money back to his competitors. He’s 18. he’s not rich, but he had already earned a full ride to California State University-Northridge. Allan felt that his classmates should have the same opportunity he does to attend college. So, $40k, out of his pocket, and into theirs. This is amazing on so many levels. Guei, who was a student at Compton High School, showed more poise and generosity than any athlete I can readily think of. Certainly some great contributions have been made to society by athletes, but it was done when these individuals were already financially stable. What would you have done with $40k when you were an 18 year old freshman in college? Probably not what Guei did. Stud.

Don’t fight it………..closets are for clothes.

Gay marriage is a hot topic. Gay rights have always been an issue. But why anyone wants to, or would think it is acceptable to, take rights from another individual is beyond me. You can certainly have your opinion on the lifestyle, that is a freedom you have as an American, much like the constitutional right every American has “…….that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness….”. To be a constitutionalist and against gay marriage is a blatant contradiction, but there are an unfortunate number of loud political and public voices that hold this opinion. Here is what I find funny. Think back to your high school. There were certainly some people that were gay. Some were probably known, some in the closet. There were certainly some people that disagreed with the gay lifestyle, of course. But, there was also that one football player that was so overtly heterosexual that no one could ever possibly think he would secretly want to get sweaty with his wide receivers “off the field”. But he did. He carried this secret though life, and as he tried to repress these urges, he began to hate the happy free lifestyle that out-of-the closet-gays have. His jealously turned to hate, and he became an anti gay spokesman. He started a family, furthering this”heterosexual” journey. But, one can only deny their desires for so long, and eventually he turns into……
Larry Craig -Spent a record 28 years in congress. Supporter of the Marriage Amendment which barred extension rights to gay couples…and solicitor of gay sex in a Minneapolis airport bathroom.
Ted Haggard-Leader of the National Association of Evangelicals. Preached against gay marriage…and was caught with meth and a male escort.
George Rekers-Officer and scientific adviser of The National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality. Claimed homosexuality was a “gender disturbance”…..before being caught with a male European prostitute purchased through a company called Rentboy.
Roy Ashburn-California senator, supporter of prop 8 and fierce opponent of gay rights…..caught driving home drunk from a gay bar with an unidentified man in the car. Later announced “I’m gay”. Good for him…better late than never.
……to name a few.
These people are making their lives so hard on themselves, while at the same time trying to make it more difficult for those like them. Unfortunately, intolerance is a part of our society, I am certain coming out is not an easy thing to do, but it sure seems a lot easier than being a miserable asshole for eternity. All of these men had a hard time expressing their sexuality…… because of people like them. This trend of hypocrisy will likely continue until we honor the constitutional rights that all should have.
So now, the question is, who’s next?