U-G-L-Y. You Ugly

Internet dating makes sense. It has the potential to eliminate a lot of wasted time, energy, and jerkos. From a quick profile scan you can get a pretty broad sense of who your potential “significant other” is, and from the profile pictures, what they look like. Because, really, who wants to date a bunch of uglies? No one at www.beautifulpeople.com, that’s for sure. That’s right, a dating website for only the lovely…..aesthetically speaking of course. I know what you are asking, “how can I be a member of such an elite group outstanding people?”. You have to be judged. Members rate your temporary profile (on looks, obviously) and if you are one of the lucky, the temporary profile becomes permanent, and you can start paying your monthly membership dues. This site recently made headlines because they “dumped” 30,000 members blaming a “Shrek” virus for allowing in these hideous beasts. Yes, they really did call it a “Shrek” virus. I understand that physical attraction is important, but a site advertised for only the beautiful, called “beautiful people”, with a tagline of “Be part of the largest most exclusively beautiful community in the world”, seems like it is straight out of the movie Zoolander. I thought that was a parody?

I love ninja’s!!

It was a booty call, so he thought, then the ninjas arrived. It seems like an unconventional way to attack someone and I would love to hear the conversations leading up to this fantastic idea. Did these two stumble upon throwing stars and nunchuks and then think “Hey, let’s sneak up on someone and ninja attack!!”, or did they have the idea and then buy the necessary items?


In LA, people drive a lot. Shocking. But along with the drive, an absolutely absurd amount of time is spent in the car, stuck in traffic. For either environmentally conscious reasons, or simply to save some dough, there are a lot of hybrid vehicles in this city. It makes as much sense here as anywhere. When these cars idle they use 0 gas, and idling is a way of life on the 405. The most recognizable hybrid is also the top selling hybrid, the Toyota Prius. Over 2 million have been sold in the US, and today I saw 17 of them….on a 1 mile bike ride. That is a lot of Prii….Priuses….Prius…? It got me thinking……
Going on the 2010 model statistics, the Prius gets 48 mpg on the highway, and 45 in the city. So, let’s say 46.5. A Prius tank holds 11.9 gallons. If any one of these babies were fully fueled, you could hop in and drive 553 miles. That is 7.9 hours of 70mph driving. Or, in distance, from LA you could sputter to the New Mexico border on 1 tank. Those that don’t know your geography well, look at a map. That is across California, part of Nevada (depending on your route), and all of Arizona. Combine the driving distance power of these 17 Prii, and you could travel From LA to Taiwan…in theory (Please check out Google maps directions from LA to Taiwan below. Click on “view larger map” and read their route. Google does have a sense of humor).
Compare this to The original Model T Ford, boasting 17mpg. Not bad, right? The Model T was built in 1908. 103 years ago. Technology has made amazing advancements in this time period, but all we get is 2.7x’s the gas mileage out of our daily drivers?
Why? That doesn’t make any sense.
There are many theories out there, mostly revolving around greed, big oil, and conspiracy. The auto industry has certainly made a buck or two in the last decade, and cars are a necessary way of life in the US. We either decided, or were convinced, that trains were not for us. GM has some accusing fingers pointed at them, and there is a lot of evidence that our railroads did not fall apart naturally, but that is a lot of destruction for one company to be accountable for. I like this article that concludes with “..blaming GM is like blaming the inventor of gunpowder for war.”
Regardless of how our railroad and streetcars became obsolete, there have been other inventions that would have revolutionized travel, and all have fallen by the wayside.
We will run out of oil. Soon. What exactly are we planning on doing?
New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Boston are about the only cities in the U.S. that are built like actual cities, where you can walk to any amenity you need, where a car is not a necessity. We can either level every other “town” and rebuild them from scratch, or, find out what happened to this guy…..

Google maps, LA to Taiwan.

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Well, this is the worst thing I have heard in a while.

I have the “offenders” APP on my iphone. When you open it there is a map giving you a detailed description of all the registered sex offenders in your current neighborhood. It’s weird. You can see a picture of the criminal, and exactly what they were charged with. I am glad that this is public knowledge. I want to know my neighbors. I want to know if I need to stay away from them, or maybe even keep an eye on them. I want to know if they are anything like this guy..
Why was he out of prison while some dude caught with a few ounces of marijuana is sitting behind bars?
That poor woman just had the scariest thing possible happen to her, followed by the swiftest justice ever….which was also probably terrifying to watch. Ugh.